Support for Students

In 2016 and 2017 there was a dedicated GDC Grant for students. Due to the low number of applicants, this grant was cancelled. There is still some funding left and together with the sponsors we decided to use this for students who need help attending events in general.

If you have a specific reason to attend a game event abroad, but you lack the funding, you can apply for financial support. You can send your request via e-mail (click here for contact details).

To be eligible for support, you need to be a student registered with a Dutch school at the time of submitting your application.

Before you submit an application, please read the information below.

Not more than two pages
If you want to make your application look nice by using images, great! But please make sure you don’t exceed a max of two A4 pages (including images). Please also bear in mind that the content is more important than making your application look pretty.

Do research
Every event is different and has different things to offer. Do (online) research on the event you want to attend and make sure that your goal fits that specific event.  Talking to people that have attended before also helps to get a clear picture.

Be specific
Just saying that you want to go there, because it’s awesome or meet/talk to new people is not enough. Be more specific. Let us know why this event, who you want to meet and why and how you are going to reach out to them. Are you interested in meeting just anybody? Could be, but then still tell more about why and how you feel that this is going to benefit you and your future career. If you mention that you want to get in touch with publishers or developers, please elaborate. Name names of the companies/persons and why you have chosen those specific companies/people.

Plan ahead
Everyone is super busy during events, so you need to plan ahead to make the most out of it. Make sure your application includes a short but clear outline of your preparations.

Focus on the important things
Reading about your passion for games and your background is absolutely interesting, but that is not the main point of your application. We are looking for people that will make the most out of our support, so make sure that that is the focus of your application. A personal introduction is fine, but keep it brief and only elaborate if it is important to explain your goal.